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Exactly How to Jump Forward or Back a Certain Number of Pages in Word 2013

Sometimes you may require to leap to a details location about your present location in a Word paper. You can easily do this using the Go To work to jump forward or back a specified variety of web pages.

To access the Go To tab on the Find and Replace dialog box, click the down arrow on the Find button in the Editing section of the Home tab.

NOTE: You can additionally press F5 to access the Go To tab on the Find as well as Replace dialog box.

On the move To tab on the Find and also Replace dialog box, make certain Page is picked in the Go to what listing. In the Enter page number edit box, go into a plus indication to jump forward or minus indicator to jump back adhered to by the number of pages you wish to jump forward or back. Click Go To. The arrow leaps to the specified web page about where you remained in your paper, but the Find and also Replace dialog box stays open. Click Close to close the dialog box.

The plus and minus signs additionally collaborate with the other products in the Go to what checklist. As an example, if you choose Section and also specify +2, the arrow will certainly jump ahead two sections.

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