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Exactly how to Link from One PowerPoint Presentation to Another

Linking 2 presentations together enables you to conserve time by utilizing already-existing slides. The change is nearly seamless, providing it the impression of one single presentation. Here’s how to connect PowerPoint discussions with each other.

Prior to we get started, keep in mind that both discussions need to be in the very same folder to connect them together. Relocating or relabeling the 2nd documents after the web link has been developed will trigger the slide to damage.

Linking 2 presentations together isn’t magic, yet it’s as easy as inserting and clicking a link. What this trick does is allows you to insert a link within an item or text from discussion A that brings you to a certain slide of discussion B while still in presentation setting.

When you’ve opened the first discussion and also have browsed to the slide in which you will certainly be linking from, select the message or object where you wish to put the hyperlink.

If you haven’t already put an object, you can do so by choosing any one of the alternatives in the “Images” or “Illustrations” team of the “Insert” tab, and then selecting the things you would certainly like to place.

Once chosen, head over to the “Links” team of the “Insert” tab and select “Action.”

Currently you’ll be at the “Action Settings” menu. Here, pick the “Hyperlink To” alternative. When chosen, you’ll be able to open up the drop-down menu beneath it. Do so, and then choose “Other PowerPoint Presentation.”

As soon as you pick that option, File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS) will certainly open. Here, select the presentation you would love to link to. Click the “OKAY” switch.

Next off, you’ll be welcomed with a list of the slides from the discussion you’re connecting to. Select the slide that you would certainly like to most likely to as well as click “OK.”

You’ll now see the data path of the 2nd discussion appears under the “Hyperlink To” box. When you’re all set, choose the “OK” switch.

Your link will currently be put in the picked message or things. To ensure it placed properly, you can float your computer mouse over the message or object and also the data path will show up.

If you wish to verify that you pointed to the correct discussion, you can push the Ctrl secret while clicking the link to follow it.

Now, when you play the PowerPoint in discussion setting, merely clicking the hyperlinked message or challenge provide you a smooth transition from the initial discussion to the 2nd.

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