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Exactly how to Lock the Position of a Chart in Excel

If you insert or resize columns as well as rows in a spread sheet, the placement and dimension of your graphes transform. Graphes immediately move due to the fact that they are set to move and resize with cells. The good news is, you can lock the placement of a chart in Microsoft Excel.

This sort of situation prevails in records and also dashboards. When a user chooses a thing in a Slicer to filter information, Excel resizes columns to fit its components. And also because the graph superimposes these columns, its dimension also is readjusted.

To secure the setting of a graph, right-click on the thing and also pick the “Format Chart Area” alternative located at the end of the pop-up menu.

If you do not see the alternative to style the graph location, you could have clicked on the wrong part of the chart. Ensure the resize manages are around the boundary of the graph. This confirms that the graph location is picked.

In the Format Chart Area pane, click the “Size & Properties” symbol.

You could require to click the arrow to broaden the “Properties” setups if they are not already visible.

There are two useful options right here. Click “Don’t Move Or Size With Cells” to completely lock the graph against being resized by Slicer choices or moved by customers adding or getting rid of columns.

Conversely, there is also a choice to “Move But Don’t Size With Cells” if that fits your needs much better.

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