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Exactly how to Move or Copy Text in Microsoft Word Without Affecting the Clipboard

There is a little known feature that has been offered in Word since the DOS days. Mean you want to relocate some web content from one place in your Word paper to one more, but you intend to preserve something else you copied onto the clipboard.

As opposed to using “Ctrl + X” to cut (or “Ctrl + C” to duplicate) the details and after that “Ctrl + V” to paste it, there are a couple of keyboard as well as mouse mixes that make it extremely fast as well as simple this.

First, highlight the web content you want to move (this can include aspects such as message, pictures, and tables).

Leave the material highlighted and also transfer to the place in your record to where you want to move or duplicate the message. Do not click the area yet.

To relocate the message, press as well as hold the “Ctrl” trick while you right-click where you wish to paste the text. The text is relocated to the brand-new place.

If you would rather replicate the text to the new area, and also not eliminate it from its previous area, press and hold the “Shift” and “Ctrl” keys and then right-click in the area where you wish to paste the text.

The advantage of this approach is the clipboard is not utilized. So, if you had something on the clipboard prior to you replicated or relocated this message, it is still there for usage later.

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