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Exactly How to Overlay Charts in Microsoft Excel

Even though Microsoft Excel uses a great selection of chart kinds, you may have a circumstance where you require something outside the standard. A chart that overlaps might be what you require. Here’s exactly how to make one.

We’ll clarify two techniques for overlaying graphes in Excel. The one you choose depends upon the amount of data you have to reveal as well as how you desire it to display.

Create a Combo Chart in Excel Set Up the Combo ChartOverlap the Series in Excel

Develop a Combo Chart in Excel

If you want to overlap 2 different sorts of charts, a custom combination graph is a perfect solution. You can integrate column, bar, line, location, and a couple of other graph types into one excellent visual.

Below we have a column chart showing sales for our two departments in addition to the total amounts. As you can see, the Totals collection keeps an eye out of place and doesn’t depict the information clearly.

If we utilize a custom-made combo graph, we can transform the Total collection to a line on our column chart.

Change your graph: If you already have a chart you wish to transform, select it and go to the Chart Design tab. Click “Change Chart Type” on the appropriate side of the ribbon.

In the Change Chart Type home window, pick Combo on the left as well as Custom Combination on the right.

Produce your graph: If you don’t have a graph set up yet, choose your data as well as most likely to the Insert tab. In the Charts area of the ribbon, click the drop-down arrowhead for Insert Combo Chart as well as pick “Create Custom Combo Chart.”

With the Chart home window open as well as the Custom Combination Chart selected, you’ll see the area you can work with near the bottom.

Beside each data series, select the sort of graph you intend to utilize in the drop-down box. Optionally, you can add a Secondary Axis for any of the series by checking the box to the right.

As you make your choices, you’ll see a sneak peek at the top so you can see if it’s what you desire. When you’re pleased with your selections, click “OK.”

Now we have a combo chart that presents our departments as columns and our totals as a line. This provides us a far better image of the data we’re attempting to share.

Overlap the Series in Excel

Maybe it’s not various kinds of graphs you wish to overlap yet particular data in a chart. You can overlay a chart in Excel by tailoring a collection.

For a fundamental instance, we have a bar graph with 2 data collection. The graph reveals the amount of traffic to our site prior to as well as after our site redesign. There’s nothing incorrect with the means the data display screens, yet we favor to offer it some pizzazz for far better impact.

Select the collection with the longer bars, below that would certainly be our After series in orange. Either double-click or right-click and choose “Format Data Series” to open up the sidebar.

Confirm that you have the entire series picked by clicking the arrowhead next to Series Options at the top of the sidebar.

Select the Series Options tab. Then, relocate the slider for Series Overlap right to the right or go into 100 percent in the box.

Select the Fill & Line tab and also change the adhering to setups:

You can make any various other changes you like for the boundary such as substance or dashboard kind.

When you complete, click the X on the top right of the sidebar to shut it.

Currently you can see that our chart has overlapping data for a more clear method to reveal the differences in between our Before and also After. As well as the legend we’re using likewise updates to the boundary with no fill for that data series.

For other kinds of graphes that are a bit out of the ordinary, take a look at how to create and also customize an individuals graph in Excel.

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