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Exactly how to Pin a File in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps you manage your records by offering a Record tab in every channel. Maintain your essential documents noticeable to the group in any way times by pinning them to the top of this Documents tab.

The Data tab in a Teams network gives you a protected area to keep data that your group needs to gain access to, which are all backed up immediately in SharePoint. This makes the Record tab a prominent location for file storage, yet this convenience comes at an expense: You can no more locate files conveniently once you’ve got a large number of them in the checklist.

There is a straightforward way to keep your most important papers noticeable: by pinning them to the top of the Files tab. This will certainly position the records on top of the checklist despite just how much down the checklist you ‘d usually find them.

To pin a record, select it by clicking the circle on the left-hand side, then choose “Pin to Leading” in the toolbar.

You can pin a maximum of three data to the top of the Files checklist. To unpin a data, choose the pinned file and click Edit Pin > >

Unpin. You can additionally scuff of the pinned data if you have more than one by picking the data and also clicking Edit Pin > > Relocate Left or Relocate Right.

Pinning documents in Microsoft Teams is a simple and also classy means to maintain your most critical papers visible for your group.

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