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Exactly how to Raise Your Hand in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Interrupting a speaker or discussion in a Microsoft Teams conference can damage the conversation’s circulation. So how about you utilize the raise-hand feature when you wish to speak or ask a question? It alerts everybody on the phone call when you raise your hand essentially.

During a Microsoft Teams conference call, the raise-hand attribute in Microsoft Teams avoids people from disrupting others. It’s offered on all platforms, so find your own listed below to begin.


Increase Your Hand in a Microsoft Teams Meeting on Desktop App

Using the Microsoft Teams application on your computer system, you can raise your hand with one of both approaches.

You must see a drifting bar dealt with in the top-right edge of the video telephone call screen. To elevate your hand during a recurring employ the Microsoft Teams application, float the computer mouse over the “Show Reactions” button at the top and pick the “Raise Hand” button. Or, you can press Ctrl+Shift+K to execute the same action swiftly.

Everyone on the phone call obtains notified concerning it. Other people will see a yellow boundary around your video feed or screen picture as well as a hand emoji beside your name.

After you complete contributing or asking inquiries, hover the computer mouse over the “Show Reactions” button and choose the “Lower Hand” button. You can also hit Ctrl+Shift+K to reduce your hand.

Elevate Your Hand in a Microsoft Teams Meeting online

While the Microsoft Teams web variation reproduces the desktop app user interface, the drifting bar menu appears at the end of the screen.

Select the “Raise hand” switch to elevate your hand. The button’s shade will certainly transform to reveal that the attribute is active.

It notifies everybody on the phone call, and also a raised-hand emoji will show up alongside your name. Sadly, the internet variation does not reveal a yellow boundary around your video clip feed or the screen image or a hand emoji alongside your name.

Click “Lower hand” at the bottom when you intend to reduce your hand.

Elevate Your Hand in a Microsoft Teams Meeting on apple iphone as well as Android

The Microsoft Teams app offers a comparable interface as well as alternatives for apple iphone as well as Android. Even the means to raise your hand is additionally the very same.

Throughout a video telephone call conference in the Microsoft Teams app on apple iphone or Android, pick the three-dot menu at the bottom of the display.

That will certainly stand out open up a menu where you can select the hand emoji. It turns on the hand-raise and also informs other individuals on the call. Likewise, you’ll see a yellow border around your video clip feed or display screen picture, together with a raised-hand emoji in your video feed.

To reduce your hand, choose the three-dot food selection once again and choose the “Lower hand” emoji with a purple highlight to decrease your hand.

See Who’s Raised a Hand in Microsoft Teams Meeting

If you’re in a video clip call with a multitude of individuals, others have likely elevated a hand to talk. You can check out a listing of people that’ve increased their hands to see how many people will get to speak before your turn comes.

Throughout a video clip contact Microsoft Teams desktop, select the “Participants” button at the top.

For the Microsoft Teams web version, click the “Participants” under bar.

A column will glide out from the right-hand side to reveal a “Participants” food selection. The participants that’ve elevated hands will have the hand emoji alongside their name and will certainly appear in the order in which they increased the hand.

Press Esc to shut the “Participants” menu.

On iPhone or Android, you can touch the “Participants” button in the top-right corner of the display.

When the column opens, you’ll see the participant’s name with a hand emoji beside it, appearing in the order in which they elevated their hand. To shut the “Participants” menu, tap on the left arrow in the top-left edge of the screen.

That’s it. Raising a virtual hand is a respectful means to share your views or clarify your doubts as opposed to talking over any individual, especially in a dial-in meeting.

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