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Exactly how to Set the Priority for an Email Message in Outlook

Most of us receive a great deal of email as well as essential messages may get ignored in our lengthy listing of messages. If you’re sending out a message that needs attention in a timely way, you can set the concern for the message, enabling the recipient to discover it promptly.

To send out a high top priority e-mail message, make sure the “Home” tab is active and click “New Email”.

Get in the recipient’s e-mail address, subject line, and body of the message. See to it the “Message” tab is active.

In the “Tags” section of the “Message” tab, click “High Importance”, if the message has high concern. You can additionally designate a “Low Importance” to a message. This is handy if the message is not as crucial, however you still want the recipient to be able to locate it promptly in their listing of e-mail messages.

To appoint a top priority to an email message, you can additionally click the “Message Options” dialog box button in the “Tags” section.

The “Properties” dialog box displays. In the “Settings” section, choose an alternative from the “Importance” drop-down listing to establish the top priority.

You can likewise pick the “Sensitivity” of the message in the “Settings” section. Click “Close” once you’ve made your choices.

High concern messages received in Outlook are significant with a red exclamation point in the very first (“Importance”) column and also reduced concern messages are noted with a blue down arrowhead.

These marks make it simpler to locate messages based on concern or significance. You can likewise click the column header (“!”) to sort your messages by value.

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