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Exactly How To Use Outlook Online’s Snooze Tool

Outlook Online has a Snooze feature, just like Gmail. Use it to relocate items out of your inbox until you’re ready to deal with them and quit your inbox from filling up with e-mails you don’t need now.

Gmail’s Snooze option was just one of those new functions that was so apparent in hindsight that you wonder why nobody did it faster. You choose an e-mail, pick a snooze time, and also it goes away out of your inbox, just to reappear as if by magic at the required time. Great!

Undoubtedly, Microsoft believed so, as well, because the company has added its very own variation of Snooze to Outlook Online. If you’re made use of to Gmail’s Snooze, fortunately is that Outlook’s variation works in pretty much similarly, other than it utilizes folders instead of tags. Allow’s have a look.

You can find the Snooze option on Outlook Online’s toolbar over the Inbox.

Snooze only operates in the Inbox, so if you have an email somewhere else that you want to snooze, either move it to the Inbox in Outlook Online or mark it for Follow Up in the Outlook customer rather.

When you have selected an email, click the “Snooze” switch to select when you desire the message to re-emerge.

The default times can’t be changed, so if none of them appropriate for you, choose the “Choose A Date” alternative.

Select the day as well as time that you want the email to reappear and after that click the “Save” button.

Once you’ve chosen either a default or a personalized snooze time, the e-mail will be relocated to a brand-new folder called “Scheduled”.

When the snooze time occurs, the e-mail will instantly be returned into your Inbox as well as significant as Unread.

If you want to deal with it before then, open up the “Scheduled” folder, select the snoozed e-mail, and afterwards click the “Unsnooze” switch.

This will eliminate the snooze tip, move the email directly back to the Inbox, and also mark it as Unread.

That’s e-mail snoozing, Outlook-style. Well, Gmail-style done pretty much identically on Outlook Online, at any rate.

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