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Exactly how to Use the Format Painter to Duplicate Formatting in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has a neat little tool that permits you to replicate and also paste the format of a text string or object. Below’s just how you can duplicate the format policies from one item as well as paste it in the next.

Open your PowerPoint presentation, navigate to the slide that contains the text or object with the format you wish to duplicate, and then pick it. For our example, we choose our “How-To Geek” title text.

Right here’s the existing format of our message:

Next, click the Format Painter icon (the paintbrush) in the “Clipboard” group under the “Home” tab.

The format of the selected object or text is replicated to the format painter, as well as the cursor will now have a paintbrush symbol beside it. Highlight the text or challenge which you want to apply the format.

As shown below, the chosen text instantly reformats to match the layout of the text you replicated to the Format Painter.

If you wish to change the format of several items or message strings, you can do so without needing to go with this whole procedure again.

As opposed to simply clicking it as soon as, double-click the Format Painter symbol in the “Clipboard” group under the “Home” tab. This enables you to format as many text strings or things as required. When you’re finished, just press Esc or click the Format Painter symbol.

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