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Fix For Outlook 2007 Constantly Asking for Password on Vista

If you are running into an infuriating trouble where Outlook frequently asks you for your password despite the fact that you examine the “Remember my password” box every single time, after that you are in luck due to the fact that visitor Malcolm created in with this pointer on how to fix the problem.

This solution ought to theoretically aid with Windows Mail also, however I have not had the ability to confirm that yet.

Before you do anything else, close Outlook. You should also note that we’ll be customizing system generated files here, so proceed with care or not at all.

Open windows traveler window and after that paste the following message right into the address bar, which must bring you to a folder with a solitary folder inside with a truly lengthy name.

%userprofile% AppData Roaming Microsoft Protect

What you’ll need to do is just relabel that folder to another thing (I suggest appending -old onto the end of it to make sure that you might quickly rename it back if things fail)

Now re-open Outlook, and then enter your password hopefully for the last time, ensuring to check package to bear in mind it. You must now see that the initial folder was re-created once more.

Now Outlook need to remember your passwords, yet you can shut Outlook and reopen it to make certain. If you experience problems with this, you can remove the new folder and afterwards relabel the -old folder back to the original name to put every little thing back the way it was.

Keep in mind: I’m speaking with some viewers that this does not always fix the issue for them, so your mileage might differ.

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