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Fixing: Prevent “Locate Link Browser” Popup Dialog when Clicking on Links in Outlook

This attends blog post by Aseem Kishore, a modern technology enthusiast and also lead blogger for Online-Tech-Tips.

If you’re utilizing Firefox as your default Internet internet browser as well as Outlook as your e-mail customer, after that you might have observed that when you click a URL link in an Outlook email, you get a popup dialog box titled “Locate Link Browser” and then Firefox will certainly load generally. It does not seem to cause any kind of problems, however it’s certainly really irritating needing to shut that dialog box whenever!

Keep in mind: You will certainly not obtain this dialog box if you currently have Firefox open on your computer. It just occurs when you click on a link as well as Firefox is not already open. Also, if you’re making use of IE, you will not have this concern whatsoever.

So just how you can do away with this bothersome dialog once and for all? Follow these basic steps to repair the concern on Windows XP:

Step 1: Open My Computer from the desktop or Start Menu.

Action 2: Go to the Tools food selection and also click on Folder Options.

Step 3: Now click on the File Types tab and you’ll see a checklist of signed up data kinds, Extensions and File Types. Under the Extensions column, search for the entrances with (NONE) and also in that part, discover the access under File Types that is called URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Step 4: Click on the Advanced button near the bottom and after that click on the Edit button.

Tip 5: Go ahead and uncheck the DDE alternative. It is called “Use DDE” and also it’s examined by default. We want to see to it it’s unattended.

Go on and also click Ok and then Ok once more and then close! Now give it a shot and also it need to function! You can also do the same for this entrance: URL: HyperText with Security. This is for HTTPS links. Functioned like a beauty on my computer!

Note that if the textbox “Application utilized to carry out action” is blank, after that you can click Browse and find the Firefox.exe application.

If you’re making use of Windows Vista, the approach above may not work. In Vista, you have to erase some computer registry keys in order for the dialog box to vanish. Here’s just how.

Action 1: Click on Start, after that Run and key in regedit. Or simply type in regedit in the Instant Search Box and press Enter.

Step 2: Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT HTTP shell open ddeexec windows registry secret.

Action 3: Delete the “ddexec” computer registry secret

Step 4: Repeat for the following secrets:

“HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT HTTPS covering open ddeexec””HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT FirefoxURL covering open ddeexec””HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT FirefoxHTML shell open ddeexec”

This must fix the problem in both Windows XP and also Windows Vista! Appreciate!

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