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Foolish Geek Tricks: Using the Quick Zoom Feature in Outlook

The various other day my manager displayed a new Outlook technique that he learned: You can increase or reduce the text dimension in Outlook on the fly utilizing the same method that operates in your internet browser. Considering that everyone else appeared interested, I figured this qualifies as a dumb nerd trick that I’ll share with you today.

If you are unfamiliar with how the web browser technique functions: you can use Ctrl as well as the computer mouse wheel in your browser to quickly zoom in, which enhances the dimension of the message and also images on the screen. This same technique works in the Outlook e-mail sight.

Utilizing the Quick Zoom

Simply hold back the Ctrl secret while scrolling your mouse wheel over top of the sneak peek pane … as well as the message will amazingly boost in dimension!

This likewise works for messages in a new message home window, although you could note that HTML e-mails do not range rather as nicely, similar to this one in the previously photo:

And in the after picture, you’ll see that you would certainly have to scroll quite a bit to in fact review it …

But, this can be very beneficial if you make best use of an HTML email message … right here’s a thumbnail screenshot which improperly shows how that might work:

I discover that this strategy exercises well for reading the little font styles in some emails, but it’s primarily simply an enjoyable technique to flaunt to your close friends or co-workers.

Keep in mind: Using the Ctrl and + or– secrets works in the browser, yet doesn’t operate in Outlook, sadly.

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