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How to Add a Note to an Email Message in Outlook 2013

There may be times when you intend to add a note to an email message you received. Perhaps you need to keep in mind something about the sender or the contents of the e-mail. There are several methods to add a note to an email message.

NOTE: You can additionally create a new task having an email message you obtained. This serves if you need to do something pertaining to the email. The brand-new job will certainly consist of all the components (except attachments) from the e-mail.

One method of including a note to an email message is to flag the message. To do this, right-click on the flag symbol in the flag column for the message to which you want to include a note. Select Custom from the popup food selection.

On the Custom dialog box, you can select a ready-made note from the Flag to drop-down listing.

You can also kind a custom note in the Flag to edit box. Select a Start day as well as a Due date and configuration a suggestion, if wanted. Click OK.

The flag presents over the body of the e-mail message when you double-click on the message to open it in the Message window.

You can likewise put the arrow in the subject line of the message and also include message to it, as revealed below.

When you close the message window, a verification dialog box displays asking if you want to conserve your changes. To conserve the note you included in the subject line, click Yes.

Your note displays as part of the subject line on the message in your list of e-mail messages.

You can additionally add a note to the body of an email message. To do this, you must make it possible for editing and enhancing of the message. Double-click the message to open up the Message window. Click Actions in the Move area of the Message tab and select Edit Message from the drop-down menu.

Click in the body of the message and kind your note.

When you close the Message home window, a verification dialog box displays asking if you intend to conserve your modifications. Click Yes to conserve you note in the body of the email.

You can see the note you added if it shows up as component of the first line of the body displayed in the listing of e-mail messages.

Utilize the Notes area of Outlook to develop a different note you can connect to an email message. To do this, click the … switch on the Navigation Bar and also pick Notes from the popup food selection.

Click New Note on the Home tab of the Notes home window (or press Ctrl + N) to create a note.

Get in the message for your note in the little note window that displays and also click the X switch to close the note, waiting.

To connect the note to the email message, make certain the Mail section of Outlook is energetic. Double-click on the message onto which you wish to attach the note. Leaving the Message home window open, go back to the major Outlook home window and pick Notes from the Navigation Bar, as mentioned over. Drag the note you created to the message window. The note is included in the message as an add-on.

When you close the Message window, a confirmation dialog box presents asking if you wish to save your adjustments. To conserve the message with your note included as an add-on, click Yes.

A paperclip symbol is included in the message in the list of e-mail messages, showing there is an add-on in the message.

When you include a note to an e-mail message as an add-on using the Notes area of Outlook, you do not need to keep the original note. The note is currently saved with the message, as well as can be deleted from the Notes section.

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