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How to Add Voting Options to An Email in Microsoft Outlook

Whether you are trying to decide what type of pizza to buy for a meeting or taking a vote on something more vital, a survey makes it simple. Great deals of tools provide this ability, from a basic poll in Slack to a full-blown SurveyMonkey survey. Outlook’s voting buttons offer an easy and simple method to survey people if they’re all in your Outlook contacts.

When you compose a brand-new e-mail in Outlook, switch to the “Options” tab and click the “Use Voting Buttons” drop-down menu.

If among the default options satisfies your requirement, click it to add it to your open message.

If the defaults aren’t what you need, click “Custom” to raise the Properties window for the message. The “Use Voting Buttons” option is already selected (since you opened the window from that menu), so simply enter the answers you want to appear in the field, separated by semicolons.

Click Close and the voting choices will be added to the mail, along with a message above the “To” field.

That’s all there is to it. Send the mail to your voters, and they will see a message encouraging them to respond by utilizing the vote button.

After the recipient has actually made their option a box appears verifying the survey response and gives them an option to add additional information in their reaction.

When you receive the response, it will consist of a message informing you how they voted.

Keeping an eye on the private actions isn’t much fun though, so Outlook keeps a running tally for you. Open the initial mail that you sent out and click Message > > Tracking. There’s a list of the reactions and a total for each of the choices.

This isn’t the flashiest poll service, however sometimes you don’t require flashy. If you simply require a fast vote from your Outlook contacts, then it’s a solid choice that doesn’t require your citizens to visit to another tool or browse yet another web user interface.

Lots of tools offer this ability, from a simple poll in Slack to a full-blown SurveyMonkey questionnaire. Keeping track of the individual reactions isn’t much fun though, so Outlook keeps a running tally for you. This isn’t the flashiest poll option, however often you do not need fancy.

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