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How to Change a Picture to Black and White in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has several basic color modification alternatives so that you can quickly and easily design the images in your Word document. Whether you wish to develop a creative masterpiece or simply get your file to match your printer’s settings, you can change your images to black and white in Word.

How to Change a Picture to Black & White in Microsoft Word

Altering your photo to black and white in Microsoft Word is easy! The color adjustment just affects the picture placed into your file (and it’s reversible at that); it has no impact on the initial file.

Click to choose the image in your document.

Next, switch over to the “Format” tab.

Click the “Color” button.

On the dropdown that appears, click the “Saturation 0%” option in the “Color Saturation” group.

Voila! Your image is now black and white.

And don’t fret. Word still has the initial image with all its colors embedded, so you can quickly go back to the original colors (or even change them to something else). To change your now black and white image back to its initial state, simply struck up that “Format” tab once again and this time, click the “Reset Picture” button.

And easily, your image is back to the original color.

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