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How to Change Slide Size in Powerpoint

PowerPoint allows you to format and provide the material of your slides in various ways. If you want to print out or show your PowerPoint slides in a larger or smaller-than-average size, you can change the slide sizes to match.

Altering PowerPoint Slide Sizes

PowerPoint has two typical slide sizes. The very first, 4:3, is a good choice if you’re using older hardware to provide your slides. If you’re intending on providing your PowerPoint discussion utilizing a contemporary projector or display, then the 16:9 slide size should be your favored option.

By default, PowerPoint will default to the 16:9 side slide. To print your slides (full size, one per page), you’ll likely need to use a custom slide size, rather than one of these alternatives.

Switching to another size is luckily an easy process– open your PowerPoint presentation to begin and then click the “Design” tab on the ribbon bar.

In the “Customize” section of the “Design” tab, choose the “Slide Size” button. This will display the 2 typical slide sizes in a drop-down menu.

Click either the “Standard (4:3)” or “Widescreen (16:9)” choice to change all of your PowerPoint slides to that size.

It isn’t possible to utilize numerous slide sizes in a PowerPoint discussion. Simply as if you were making PowerPoint slides vertical, any changes you make to your PowerPoint slide sizes will apply to all slides.

Changing to a Custom PowerPoint Slide Size

It’s possible to use a customized PowerPoint slide size if the default 4:3 or 16:9 options are unsuitable. You might pick to use a customized slide size if you’re printing full-size PowerPoint slides using a custom page layout, for example.

To do this, select Design > > Slide Size > > Custom Slide Size to display the “Slide Size” options menu.

Numerous predetermined slide sizes, such as A3 or A4 paper sizes, are revealed under the “Slides Sized For” drop-down menu.

Select one of these predetermined options, or set your slide dimensions manually utilizing the “Width” and “Height” alternative boxes. From there, click the “OK” button to save.

If you’re reducing to a smaller sized size, PowerPoint will ask you how it ought to handle any slide material.

Choose “Maximize” if you want the slide contents to remain at a comparable scale, however with the danger that some of the material may be cut. Additionally, click “Ensure Fit” to scale the slide contents down in size to match the new slide size without losing any content.

When saved, the custom-made slide size you picked will be immediately used to all of your slides, with slide content being resized or cut to match.

PowerPoint has two common slide sizes. In the “Customize” area of the “Design” tab, pick the “Slide Size” button. It isn’t possible to use multiple slide sizes in a PowerPoint discussion. It’s possible to use a custom-made PowerPoint slide size if the default 4:3 or 16:9 options are unsuitable.

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