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How to Change the Behavior of the Enter Key in Excel

By default, when you type information into Excel and after that press “Enter”, Excel will certainly relocate the option box one cell down. Nonetheless, suppose you want to enter details from left to right rather?

We’ll reveal you a straightforward setup in Excel you can change that will fix your issue.

To change the direction the selection moves when you press “Enter”, click the “File” tab.

On the backstage display, click “Options” in the checklist of products left wing.

The “Excel Options” dialog box display screens. Click “Advanced” in the listing of items left wing.

In the “Editing choices” area, ensure the “After pressing Enter, move option” check box is chosen. After that, select an alternative from the “Direction” drop-down listing. As an example, we chose “Right” to make the selection go from the “Price (Dollars)” column to the “Price (Euros)” column in the price sheet envisioned at the beginning of this short article.

Click “OK” to accept the adjustment as well as close the “Excel Options” dialog box.

If you do not want the selection to change when you push “Enter”, turn off (deselect) the “After pressing Enter, relocate option” check box. The currently selected cell will remain picked when you push “Enter”.

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