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How to Change the Type of Numbers Used in a Numbered List in Word

By default, Word makes use of Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, etc) when you develop phoned number checklists. Nonetheless, you can change the numbers to a different type or to letters. The personality after the number or letter can also be altered.

NOTE: We used Word 2016 to show this attribute, however this treatment operates in 2013 also.

Highlight the message you intend to transform to a numbered list. Click the down arrow on the “Numbering” switch in the “Paragraph” area of the “Home” tab. Some number formats are readily available in the “Numbering Library” section on the drop-down menu that shows. If you’ve developed a minimum of one numbered listing in the existing record, the number styles made use of in the paper display in the “Document Number Formats” section of the drop-down list. Any number formats used recently in the document are provided in the “Recently Used Number Formats” area. You can select from any of these layouts for your existing numbered checklist. If the format you desire is out the drop-down menu, select “Define New Number Format”.

On the “Define New Number Format” dialog box, choose a design from the “Number style” drop-down listing.

You can pick any one of the adhering to number and letter kinds for use on your numbered lists.

In the “Number layout” edit box, there is a duration after the number or letter by default. If you wish to change that to one more personality, such as a parenthesis (“)”), dashboard (“-“), or colon (“:”), delete the duration as well as type the personality you want.

The “Alignment” drop-down listing enables you to specify whether the number or letter is lined up left, focused, or right in the area allocated for the numbering. The default choice is “Left”. Select “Centered” or “Right” if you want to change the positioning. To change the font style of the numbers or letters on your listing, use the “Font” switch. When you’re completed making your adjustments, click “OK”. The phoned number listing is produced similar to the instance in the picture at the beginning of this short article.

If you’re going to tailor the numbering on your listing, you may intend to shut off automatic numbered lists so Word does not automatically apply the default numbering as you type your items.

You can additionally quickly skip numbering in numbered listings and also produce phoned number listings making use of the key-board in Word.

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