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How to Change Windows’ Default Currency from Dollars to Euros

When dealing with currency in Windows and Windows programs, such as Excel, Windows uses its default currency symbol. If you want to use a different symbol (say, Euros instead of Dollars), it’s easy to change using a setting in Window’s Control Panel.

The procedure for changing this setting is similar in Windows 7, 8, and 10, with slight differences in how you access the Control Panel setting. We’ll show you how to access this setting in each version of Windows and then where to change this setting, as well as other currency format settings.

In Windows 7 and 10, open the Start menu and search for “currency”. The results will display as you type. When “Change the way currency is displayed” appears in the results, click on it.

NOTE: If you don’t see the Search box or Search icon, it’s been hidden. However, you can easily enable it with these instructions.

In Windows 8 or 8.1, go to the Start screen and start typing “currency”. The search box opens and results start to display as you type. Click on “Change the way currency is displayed”.

In Windows 7, open the Start menu and start typing “currency” in the search box. Again, results start to display as you type. Click on “Change the way currency is displayed”.

On the “Formats” tab in the “Region” dialog box, click “Additional settings”.

The “Customize Format” dialog box displays. Click the “Currency” tab.

Select the symbol for the currency you want to use in the “Currency symbol” drop-down list.

NOTE: If you don’t see the currency symbol you want in the “Currency symbol” drop-down list, the drop-down list is also an edit box allowing you to type or paste in another symbol. You can use the “Insert Symbol” dialog box in Word to insert a symbol into a document, copy it, and then paste it into the “Currency symbol” drop-down list.

You can also set how positive and negative currency amounts are indicated on this tab, which decimal symbol is used, and the number of digits to display after the decimal symbol. You can also change the symbol used to group digits into thousands, millions, etc.

Click “OK” once you’ve made the changes you want to the currency format. The currency format everywhere in Windows and Windows programs, such as Excel is immediately changed. You are returned to the “Region” dialog box. Click “OK” to close it.

NOTE: Changing the default currency symbol DOES NOT convert numbers from one currency to another in Windows or Windows programs. It only changes the currency symbol. You must convert the numbers manually, if needed, or use a formula if you’re in a program like Excel.

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