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How to Copy as well as Paste a Chart From Microsoft Excel

If you want to share a graph you’ve produced, you can replicate it from Excel as well as paste it into another application. You have alternatives to paste it as a picture, installed it, or web link it to the source– right here’s just how.

Copy a Chart or Graph From Excel

The copy process for a graph in Excel isn’t anything unusual. Simply make certain you pick the graph itself and also not a specific component on the chart.

With the chart chosen, do one of the following:

All of these copy activities put the graph on your clipboard. It’s then all set for you to paste where needed.

Paste a Chart in an Office Application

You can conveniently paste an Excel graph right into another Microsoft Office application such as Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook. As discussed, you can paste the graph as a photo, installed it, or paste it with a web link to the resource workbook. And also you can select among these options before or after you paste the chart.

With this initial method, you’ll paste the graph and afterwards select the Paste Special choice. Place your arrow in the application where you intend to paste the graph and also do among the following:

Then, click the Paste Special switch that appears at the bottom of the graph. You’ll see your alternatives.

Using the second approach, you can pick the Paste Special option before pasting the graph. Right-click the area in the application where you want the graph. You must see your selections listed below Paste Options in the faster way food selection.

Here are the different paste unique choices you can pick from and what they indicate.

You can also paste the graph as a things or specific image layout. Go to the Home or Message tab, click the Paste drop-down arrow, and choose “Paste Special.”

Choose the alternative you want in the Paste Special box that shows up and click “OK.”

Paste a Chart in Another Type of Application

When you stay within the Microsoft Office applications Word, PowerPoint, and also Outlook, you have many paste special alternatives for your graph. However if you intend to paste into a different kind of application, you’ll require to make use of whatever options are available to you there.

For example, if paste into Slack (screenshot below), Microsoft Teams, or Gmail, the graph becomes a photo by default.

Relying on where you would certainly like to paste your chart, you can additionally consider saving it as an image in Excel rather. That way you can utilize it wherever you like and also recycle the picture if required.

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