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How to Create a New Folder in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows you to develop folders so you can organize pertinent items together. You can make a folder for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and even Tasks. We’ll show you just how to do that on desktop and also mobile.

Create a New Folder in Outlook on DesktopAdd a Folder in Outlook on WebMake a New Folder in Outlook on Mobile

Produce a New Folder in Outlook on Desktop

To make a brand-new folder in Outlook on your desktop computer, initially, open the Outlook application on your computer system.

In Outlook’s pane left wing, choose where you wish to make a brand-new folder. Your options are Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. We’ll pick the “Mail” choice.

In the pane just right of “Mail,” choose where you wish to place your new folder. You can put your new folder under your email account, as well as under another folder, such as “Sent Email.”

Regardless, right-click the product where you want to make a new folder as well as choose “New Folder” from the menu.

A “Create New Folder” window will open up. Here, enter your brand-new folder’s name in the “Name” field. To transform your folder’s setting, pick a brand-new location in the “Select Where to Place the Folder” section.

After that, at the bottom, click “OK.”

Your new folder is currently produced as well as is offered in the pane left wing. You can now begin utilizing this folder however you want.

To relabel, copy, relocation, and even remove your new folder, right-click the folder and select a suitable alternative.

You are good to go.

Add a Folder in Outlook on Web

Outlook’s internet version additionally allows you to create folders. The procedure is similar to that of the desktop computer app.

To get started, open an internet browser on your computer and also release the Outlook website. Check in to your account on the website.

In Outlook’s pane on the left, select where you wish to make a brand-new folder. We’ll pick “Mail.”

In the pane next to “Mail,” at the bottom, click “New Folder.”

Type a name for your new folder and also press Enter.

And your brand-new folder is currently developed.

If you would certainly such as to develop a subfolder, then right-click the parent folder as well as pick “Create New Subfolder” from the food selection.

You can erase, relabel, as well as move your folders with equal simplicity. To do so, right-click your folder as well as pick a proper alternative.

And that’s exactly how you arrange your things in different folders in Outlook on internet.

Make a New Folder in Outlook on Mobile

In Outlook’s app for iPhone, iPad, and also Android, there is no alternative to directly develop new folders. Nevertheless, there’s a workaround you can use to make a new folder. It includes relocating one of your e-mails to one more folder, developing that folder while doing so. Later on, you can move that e-mail back to its initial folder if you desire.

To begin, initially, release the Outlook application on your phone. In the application, tap and also hold on an e-mail to choose it. Then, in the top-right edge, tap the 3 dots.

From the menu that opens up, choose “Move to Folder.”

On the “Move Conversation” display that opens, in the top-right edge, touch the “New Folder” option (an icon of a folder with a plus sign in it).

You will certainly now see a “New Folder” box. Below, type a name for your brand-new folder as well as faucet “Create & Move.”

Your brand-new folder is currently produced and is available to use. To access it, in Outlook’s top-left corner, touch your account symbol.

In the menu that opens, among other folders, you will see your brand-new folder.

To erase, move, or rename the folder, you will certainly have to make use of Outlook on your desktop computer or online. The app does not provide folder adjustment options.

Which’s just how you maintain your items neat and also clean in various folders in Outlook. Appreciate an organized electronic life!

Use Gmail alongside Outlook? You can also create folders in your Gmail account to make searching for emails simpler.

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