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How to Create a Striped Table in Microsoft Word

Tables can be difficult to read. Including shaded bands to a table boosts readability as well as actually simply makes it look better. Below’s exactly how you can include striping to your Excel tables.

Inserting a Table in Word

Initially, you require to include a table. Change to the “Insert” tab and after that click the “Table” button.

The drop-down food selection lets you develop your own table or make use of among Microsoft’s integrated tables. To discover these integrated tables, float your computer mouse over “Quick Tables,” and also one more food selection will certainly show up. Right here, you can select the table you need– schedules, tabular checklists, tables with subheads, etc.

If the table style you desire isn’t on the integrated list, there are several choices for constructing your own. One of the quicker alternatives, presuming you’ll just be needing a 10 × 8 or smaller table, is to use Word’s table contractor.

Back under the “Table” menu, float your computer mouse over the number of columns and rows you want. For instance, if you desired a table that had four columns and also 5 rows, it would look something similar to this:

If you require something larger than that, first click the “Insert Table …” choice.

The Insert Table window allows you produce a table of approximately 63 columns and also 32,767 rows. In addition, it enables you to control the autofit habits as well as conserve your setups for future tables. Enter your table specs, select your autofit preferences, and then click “OK.” In this example, we’ll make a 4 × 15 table.

Including Borders and also Shading

Allow’s play around with our table a little. First, let’s eliminate some of the boundaries, beginning with the top row.

On our top row, we’re going to eliminate the left, right, and also top border, while leaving all-time low. To do so, highlight the whole leading row. On the “Design” tab, click “Borders.”

In the food selection that shows up, deselect Top, Left, Right, and also Inside Borders.

Next, highlight all but the first as well as second row on the initial column, head back to the border food selection, and deselect Bottom, Top, Left, and also Inside Borders.

Ultimately, on the first column, highlight package on the 2nd row, go back to the border menu, as well as deselect Left Border.

Currently we need to have a table that looks like this:

Let’s attempt to boost the readability by including red stripes to our table. Highlight the second row of your table. On the “Design” tab, select “Shading.”

Select the shade you would certainly like to utilize for your highlighted row. We’ll pick the lightest shade of blue.

As you can see, the second row will certainly be a light color of blue. Proceed as well as repeat this for each and every even-numbered row. As soon as you do, your table will resemble this:

Now we have a custom table with striped rows. There’s a great deal you can do with this attribute, so play around with it and also make the most effective table you can!

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