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How to Create a Timeline in Microsoft PowerPoint

One of PowerPoint’s beauties is the ability to visually represent information by utilizing its huge collection of offered graphics, such as graphes as well as charts. If you want to create a timeline, well, Microsoft has simply things. Here’s exactly how it’s done.

Open your PowerPoint presentation and also navigate to the slide in which you would love to include a timeline. Once there, browse to the “Insert” tab as well as pick “SmartArt” from the “Illustrations” team.

The “Choose a SmartArt Graphic” home window will certainly appear. Below, pick “Process” from the left-hand pane.

A library of a number of various process-focused SmartArt graphics will appear. You can select the style you like best for your timeline. In this instance, we’ll utilize the “Basic Timeline” option.

Once chosen, info about the SmartArt choice will be displayed in the right-hand pane. When you’re all set to place the SmartArt, select the “ALRIGHT” button.

The timeline will currently appear on the slide, along with a home window where you will kind the respective message for the timeline.

The text gone into in the box will instantly review the actual timeline.

By default, this timeline will certainly have three bullets for you to submit. To add more, position your cursor at the end of the last thing on the listing in the text window, press “Enter,” and afterwards kind the preferred message. Repeat this step as lot of times as needed.

The size of the message and also the positioning of the bullets on the timeline will adjust automatically.

When you’re ended up including text, pick the “X” button on top right of the text window.

If you require to adjust the colors of the timeline to far better straighten with the presentation, select the timeline and afterwards click “Change Colors” in the “SmartArt Styles” group of the “SmartArt Design” tab.

A food selection will certainly show up, displaying a huge library of different color design for the timeline. In this example, we’ll make use of “Gradient Loop” from the “Accent 6” team.

Once picked, the modification will certainly take place on your timeline.

And, certainly, you can change the bullets and also the text in the timeline by clicking and also dragging each product.

Lastly, if you ever before need to include or remove a bullet from (or modify text in) the timeline, you can bring back the message modify window by selecting the timeline and then clicking the “Left Arrow” symbol located on the left side of the graphic box.

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