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How to Create Custom ScreenTips in Word 2013

ScreenTips in Word are small popup home windows that show descriptive message concerning the command or regulate your mouse is hovering over. You can likewise create your own ScreenTips for words, phrases, or photos in your own papers.

Usually, ScreenTips are created making use of a hyperlink which would certainly take you to a different area in the document or a website or produce a new email message, if it’s an email link. However, you can develop customized ScreenTips making use of bookmarks if you don’t want a regular hyperlink.

Before developing a ScreenTip, you have to make sure the function gets on. To do this, click the “File” tab.

On the backstage screen, click “Options” in the checklist of products on the left.

The “General” display ought to present by default. In the “User Interface choices” area, make sure the “Show feature summaries in ScreenTips” (the default setup) option is selected. This switches on ScreenTips and also Enhanced ScreenTips to make sure that even more info presents concerning a command in the default, built-in ScreenTips you see when you hover your computer mouse over commands on the bow. Boosted ScreenTips can consist of the command name, key-board shortcuts, art, and web links to Help posts.

KEEP IN MIND: The “Don’t reveal feature summaries in ScreenTips” alternative will show ScreenTips but not Enhanced ScreenTips. You will only see the command name and maybe a key-board faster way.

Click “OK” to accept the change as well as close the “Word Options” dialog box.

To develop your customized ScreenTip, highlight words, expression, or image you intend to which you intend to attach a ScreenTip as well as click the “Insert” tab.

In the “Links” area of the “Insert” tab, click “Bookmark.”

NOTE: When you float over the “Bookmark” command, observe the ScreenTip that presents. This Enhanced ScreenTip includes the command name, a summary, and a link to learn even more regarding the command.

On the “Bookmark” dialog box, go into a name for the book marking in the “Bookmark name” edit box. It’s typical to utilize the word to which you are linking, or something pertaining to it. Click “Add.”

NOTE: You can not have spaces in your Bookmark name.

The book marking is included as well as the “Bookmark” dialog box shuts.

Now, we’re going to make the bookmark link to itself, so when you click on the web link, it will not go anywhere and also we’re mosting likely to include text to our ScreenTip.

See to it words, phrase, or picture to which you want to affix the ScreenTip is picked, then press “Ctrl + K” to open up the “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box. Under “Link to” on the left side of the dialog box, click “Place in This Document.”

In the “Select a place in this file” box, under “Bookmarks,” pick the book mark you simply developed. If you don’t see the list of Bookmarks, click the plus indication to the left of “Bookmarks” to increase the checklist. To go into the message for the ScreenTip, click “ScreenTip.”

Type the message for the ScreenTip into the “ScreenTip text” modify box on the “Set Hyperlink ScreenTip” dialog box. You can likewise duplicate text from your document, or from one more program, as well as paste it right into the “ScreenTip message” edit box. Click “OK.”

Click “OKAY” on the “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box to close it.

When you hover your computer mouse over words, phrase, or image to which you attached your ScreenTip, a popup displays containing your personalized text.

Notice that the ScreenTip states to press “Ctrl + Click” to follow the link. Because we created a book marking that connects to itself, the link essentially goes no place. When you click on it, the cursor blinks a bit as well as transfers to the start of the bookmark. You can eliminate the “Ctrl+Click to follow link” message from the ScreenTip; however, this means you don’t need to press “Ctrl” prior to clicking on a link. One click on a hyperlink will quickly adhere to the link.

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