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How to Create or Remove a Hanging Indent in Microsoft PowerPoint

A hanging indent (typically called an unfavorable indent) places the first line of a paragraph a predetermined amount of space behind the following sentences. Below’s how to produce or remove a hanging indent in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Produce a Hanging Indent

To develop a hanging indent, initially, open your PowerPoint discussion and afterwards pick the message box which contains the paragraph you wish to add the imprint to.

As a note, if there are multiple paragraphs in a solitary message box, every one of the paragraphs because text box will be indented. If you would certainly such as to indent just one specific paragraph, emphasize that paragraph rather than selecting the message box.

Once picked, browse to the “Paragraph” team of the “Home” tab. Below, select the “Dialog Box Launcher” symbol in the lower corner of the team.

The “Paragraph” home window will show up. In the “Indentation” group, established the “Before Text” spacing to the wanted impression area. Generally, hanging indents are readied to 0.5-inches. Next, select the arrowhead alongside reveal the drop-down food selection alongside “Special” and choose “Hanging.” Ultimately, choose the “OK” switch.

The hanging indent is currently put on the paragraph in the picked text box.

Get Rid Of a Hanging Indent

To eliminate a hanging indent, choose the message box of the indented paragraph (or highlight the paragraph).

Once picked, click the “Dialog Box Launcher,” located in the bottom-right corner of the “Paragraph” team in the “Home” tab.

The “Paragraph” window will certainly appear. Right here, reduce the spacing of the “Before Text” indent to 0 and afterwards pick “None” from the “Special” option. Select “OK.”

The hanging indent will certainly currently be gotten rid of from the highlighted paragraph or all the web content in the picked text box.

Making use of Google Sheets rather than PowerPoint? You can produce a hanging indent in Sheets as well.

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