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How to Cross-Reference in Microsoft Word

To aid your readers in promptly moving to important details in your document, you can utilize the Cross-Reference attribute in Microsoft Word. This permits your audience to merely click as well as browse to related info in the exact same paper.

Unlike the Insert Link feature in Word that enables you to link to other locations in your paper, the Cross-Reference attribute works with tables, numbers, footnotes, endnotes, as well as phoned number things rather than just headings as well as book marks.

Establish a Cross-Reference to a Table or Other Object in Word

You might have a file where you intend to reference an area with a header, a number on another page, or a footnote including additional information. Make sure that you have the things you intend to reference currently in position so that they show in the Cross-Reference setup window.

To create the cross-reference, move your arrow to the spot in your record where you ‘d like to put it. Do not pick existing message to function as the web link due to the fact that you’ll choose the info you intend to make use of throughout the following procedure.

Go to the Insert tab, click the Links drop-down arrow, as well as select “Cross-Reference.”

When the Cross-Reference window shows up, pick the Reference Type from the drop-down listing. You’ll see that you can select a numbered product, heading, bookmark, footnote, endnote, equation, figure, or table. For this instance, we’ll use a table.

After you select the Reference Type, you’ll see those things in your file display screen in the For Which box at the bottom of the window. If nothing shows up in the box, after that you do not have that Reference Type within your record.

Next, select what the web link will certainly appear as utilizing the Insert Reference To drop-down box. The options available below depend on the Reference Type you pick. As an example, you can choose the entire subtitle for a table, the label and number for a formula, or the heading message for a heading.

Examine package for Insert as Hyperlink if it’s not already marked. Then, click “Insert” to include the cross-reference.

You ought to see the Insert Reference To product you select pop into the message in your cursor’s spot. In the example listed below, this shows as Table A given that we picked a Table as the Reference Type and
“Entire Caption” as the Insert Reference To item.

When you click (or hold Ctrl and click) the linked message, you ought to jump directly to the referenced product.

Produce a Cross-Reference to a Page Number

Let’s consider one more example using a various cross-reference setup. We’ve produced a phoned number list of directions as well as want to cross-reference among the steps making use of a web page number in our text.

Place the cursor where you desire the referral, click the Links drop-down box on the Insert tab, as well as pick “Cross-Reference” as before.

For Reference Type, pick “Numbered List” as well as you’ll see each list item in the For Which box. Select the checklist product you intend to make use of. For Insert Reference To, select “Page Number.” Click “Insert.”

You’ll see the number “2” was placed in our message where the arrow was since our phoned number list is on web page two.

When you click (or hold Ctrl and click) the connected number 2, it takes you straight to the step picked on page two.

If you’re developing a record packed with equations, numbers, tables, or other items that you wish to make easier for your audience to locate, consider the Cross-Reference attribute in Microsoft Word. And also if you wish to create links to other documents from your current one, learn more about the Insert Link function in Word.

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