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How to Delete All Presentation Notes simultaneously in Microsoft PowerPoint

With Microsoft PowerPoint speaker notes, you have your speaking points useful throughout your discussion. Yet if you decide to remove those notes, it can be a tedious task. We’ll show you how to remove the discussion keeps in mind at one time.

How to Remove PowerPoint Presenter Notes

As a pointer, you can erase individual audio speaker notes easily. Open the discussion notes using the Notes switch in the PowerPoint standing bar or by clicking “Notes” in the ribbon on the View tab.

Go to the slide with the notes that you intend to remove, click in the Notes location, as well as get rid of the text. You can do this swiftly by choosing all of the text as well as striking your Delete trick.

While this is great for deleting notes on a handful of slides, it can be lengthy if you have dozens of slides. Below’s how to remove them done in one fell swoop.

Click File > > Info. Under Inspect Presentation, you’ll see that your slideshow has discussion notes.

Click the “Check for Issues” drop-down box in that area, and afterwards choose “Inspect Document.”

You’ll see several products that you can evaluate your paper for, so remember this hassle-free device for those kinds of points later on.

For this task, you’ll just examine package for “Presentation Notes” at the bottom, as well as uncheck the rest. When you’re ready, click “Inspect.”

After a minute, you’ll see the outcomes allowing you understand that the discussion notes were located during the examination. Click “Remove All.”

As well as easily, your discussion notes will be gone! You can hit “Close” if you’re finished with the Inspect Document device.

Click the arrowhead on the top left to go back to your slideshow, and also you need to no longer have speaker notes on your slides.

If you want a copy of those notes before you eliminate them, you can always conserve a duplicate of your presentation beforehand. Or, you can print simply the audio speaker notes for a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show.

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