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How to Disable an Outlook 2013 Add-in without Starting Outlook?

Add-ins make a number of our preferred programs even much better to use and permit a nice customized experience while functioning, yet what do you do when an add-in is causing issues and also preventing you from using Outlook to get your work done?

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The Question

SuperUser visitor f.ardelian needs to know exactly how to disable a troublesome add-in without beginning Outlook:

All the overviews I have found online beginning with “go to the Tools menu”. My trouble is that Outlook 2013 will certainly not begin in any way due to the fact that it obtains stuck at startup while it attempts to pack the TeamViewer add-in.

Exactly how can I disable the TeamViewer add-in?

Exists a simple, straightforward means to deal with a bothersome Outlook add-in?

The Answer

SuperUser contributor Raystafarian has the response for us:

Start Outlook in risk-free setting: outlook.exe/ risk-free

If you are having issues with a Microsoft Office program, you might have the ability to make use of User-Initiated Safe setting to make it feasible to run the program. You can locate a lot more information on Microsoft Office’s Safe Mode below.

Note: Since Raystafarian’s answer was a bit short, we have included a smidgen from the web link he shared listed below.

To start a Microsoft Office program in User-Initiated Safe mode:

On the Microsoft Windows Start menu

In the Command Prompt window

To stop User-Initiated Safe setting, exit the program then start it once again normally.

Unique Note: Another method was discussed in the conversation string, but it was mentioned as being an insecure technique if an add-in took place to be harmful in nature.

If you ever before find yourself with a problematic add-in in the future, Raystafarian’s approach will give a fast and easy means to obtain your Outlook installation up as well as running again so you can manage that pesky add-in the simple way.

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