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How to Easily Change the Order of Paragraphs in a Word Document

When composing a file, the majority of us compose the first draft, making modifications as you go. Then, you modify it, rewrite it, and also rearrange it. When reorganizing a paper, you might wish to reorder some paragraphs. We’ll show you an easy way to do this.

Determine which paragraphs you wish to reorder. After that, type the number “1” as the initial character (then kind a space) of the paragraph you want to be first in the changed order. Kind the suitable numbers as the first characters (with an area after each number) of all the paragraphs you intend to reorder, similar to making a phoned number checklist.

NOTE: When you include the numbers to the beginning of your paragraphs, Word may convert the paragraphs right into a phoned number checklist. If it transforms a paragraph to a numbered list when you add a number to the start, press “Ctrl + Z” to reverse the conversion. Your number will be left as you typed it. Also, if there are more than 9 paragraphs you want to arrange, ensure you add a leading “0” to your numbers (01, 02, 03, etc).

Select all the paragraphs you phoned number. If the paragraphs are not contiguous, choose the first paragraph and afterwards press the “Ctrl” trick when picking the remaining paragraphs with the computer mouse.

Click the “Home” tab, if it’s not already energetic.

In the “Paragraph” section, click the “Sort” switch.

The “Sort Text” dialog box display screens. In the “Sort by” area on top, make sure “Paragraphs” is chosen in the first drop-down list. It must be chosen by default. After that, choose “Number” from the “Type” fall list and also make sure the “Ascending” radio button is chosen. Approve the default setting of “No header row” under “My checklist has” as well as cllick “OKAY”.

The paragraphs are immediately repositioned in the order defined by the numbers you added. You must manually remove the numbers initially of the paragraphs when you’re done sorting them.

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