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How to Embed Fonts in a Microsoft Word Document

If you utilize a custom font (anything other than Word’s built-in font styles) in your file, embedding those fonts guarantees that whoever sees the document sees it the way you meant.

If you’ve ever opened a Microsoft Word file with a custom-made font style that you do not have embedded, you understand that Microsoft Word alters the custom font to your default typeface setting. That change can mess with the layout of your file and make it look sloppy and difficult to check out. You can embed customized typefaces in your Microsoft Word document to ensure that it maintains your format when you send it to somebody else. Embedding fonts does make document file sizes a bit larger, however it’s worth it in some situations.

Here’s how to embed a custom typeface in your Microsoft Word file.

In an open file, switch to the “File” menu.

On the sidebar that opens, click the “Options” command.

In the Word Options window, click the “Save” classification.

On the right, choose the “Embed font styles in the file” check box.

Check package for “Embed just the characters utilized in the file (finest for lowering file size).” Selecting this option implies that Word will only embed a font style if it’s used in the document. If you do not inspect this choice, Word will embed all typefaces in your system in the file, even if they’re not being used.

You should leave “Do not embed common system font styles” inspected. This alternative likewise lowers file size because it will not embed typical system font styles.

Click “OK” to conserve your settings.

Now the font styles you utilized in your file are embedded into the file, and your document will look its best when another person sees it.

If you’ve ever opened a Microsoft Word file with a custom font style that you do not have actually embedded, you know that Microsoft Word changes the custom-made typeface to your default typeface setting. You can embed custom-made fonts in your Microsoft Word file to make sure that it keeps your formatting when you send it to someone else. Selecting this alternative implies that Word will just embed a font if it’s used in the file.

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