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How to Get the Word Count of Your PowerPoint Presentation

Knowing the word count of your Microsoft PowerPoint discussion and also audio speaker notes can give you an approximation of how much time it may require to offer the slide show and where you might need to reduce. Right here’s just how to find out.

You can obtain words matter of your PowerPoint notes and slides– or just the speaker notes– on both Windows 10 as well as Mac. However, you can’t currently obtain the word depend on PowerPoint for the web.

Sight the PowerPoint Presentation Word Count on Windows

To obtain words matter of your slides as well as notes on Windows 10, open up the PowerPoint presentation as well as click the “File” tab.

Next, pick “Info” in the left-hand pane.

Now, under the “Related Documents” section, click “Show All Properties.”

The “Properties” team will increase. Beside the “Words” option, you can see words count of the PowerPoint slides as well as notes. Know that the “Notes” option simply demonstrates how several notes show up in the PowerPoint presentation instead of words count of the notes.

If you wish to figure out the word matter of simply the notes, you’ll require to export and open them in Microsoft Word.

Click the “File” tab and also, in the left-hand pane, click “Export.”

In the “Export” team, select “Create Handouts.”

The “Create Handouts in Microsoft Word” section will appear. Once again, click “Create Handouts.”

The “Send to Microsoft Word” dialog box will show up. Choose the web page format style that you desire by clicking the bubble next to the wanted choice. In the “Add slides to Microsoft Word paper” team, there are two choices to select from:

Click “OK.”

The discussion will certainly open in Microsoft Word. You’ll see the word count of the notes in the bottom-left corner of the home window.

View the PowerPoint Presentation Word Count on Mac

If you’re making use of Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac, you can obtain the word count of your slides and also notes. Nevertheless, Mac’s export choice does not permit you to export the PowerPoint documents as a Word doc, so to obtain the word matter of simply your notes, you’ll need to by hand copy and paste them over to Word.

To get words matter of your presentation as well as notes, open PowerPoint and click the “File” tab.

Select “Properties” in the drop-down menu.

In the “Properties” window, click the “Statistics” tab.

You can discover words count in the “Statistics” team.

That’s all there is to it.

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