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How to Group Worksheets in Excel

If you’re modifying several worksheets in Microsoft Excel, it could be handy to group them together. This permits you to make changes to the exact same range of cells across multiple worksheets. Below’s just how to do it.

Grouping Multiple Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

Organizing worksheets together in Excel can be useful if you have an Excel workbook with numerous sheets that contain different information yet adhere to the exact same format.

The instance below shows this in action. Our Excel workbook, called “School Data,” has numerous worksheets connected to the operation of a college. Three of the worksheets have listings of pupils for various classes, named “Class A,” “Class B,” and “Class C.”

If we group these worksheets together, any activities we perform on any of these worksheets will be put on every one of them.

For instance, state we want to insert an IF formula in column G (cells G4 to G12) on each worksheet to determine whether any trainees were birthed in either 1998 or 1999. If we group the worksheets with each other prior to we place the formula, we can apply it to the same series of cells on all three worksheets.

To group worksheets together, press and also hold the Ctrl key and click each worksheet you wish to group together at the end of the Excel home window.

Organized worksheets appear with a white history, while unselected worksheets appear in grey.

The example below shows the IF formula we suggested over inserted in the “Class B” worksheet. Thanks to worksheet grouping, the very same formula was inserted in cells G4 to G12 on the “Class A” and “Class C” worksheets, too.

If we additionally customize any of these cells– like by adding a second set of formulas to column H– the adjustment will be related to all the grouped worksheets all at once.

Grouping All Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

When you press and hold Ctrl, you can select several specific worksheets and also group them together. If you have a much bigger workbook, though, this is unwise.

If you intend to team all the worksheets in an Excel workbook, you can conserve time by right-clicking one of the worksheets listed at the end of the Excel window.

From right here, click “Select All Sheets” to group all your worksheets together.

Ungrouping Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

After you’ve ended up making modifications to multiple worksheets, you can ungroup them in two means.

The quickest approach is to right-click a picked worksheet at the end of the Excel home window, and afterwards click “Ungroup Sheets.”

You can additionally ungroup specific sheets individually. Just press and hold Ctrl, and afterwards select the sheets you wish to remove from the team. Worksheet tabs you ungroup will go back to a gray background.

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