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How to Hide Worksheets/Tabs and also Entire Workbooks in Excel

If you utilize a worksheet in your Excel workbook to hold worths or solutions referenced on other worksheets, you might not desire that worksheet noticeable on the tab bar at the bottom of the Excel window. The good news is you can conveniently hide worksheets in Excel.

You can also hide a whole workbook, although we’re not exactly sure why you would certainly want to do that. However, we’ll reveal you just how to conceal worksheets and workbooks as well as reveal them again.

To hide a worksheet (the tabs at the bottom of the Excel home window), right-click on the tab you wish to hide as well as pick “Hide” from the popup menu. The tab is gotten rid of, however not permanently removed.

You can not conceal all the worksheets in a workbook. If you try to conceal the last visible worksheet, you’ll see the complying with warning.

To unhide a worksheet, right-click on any type of tab still showing and also select “Unhide” from the popup food selection.

On the “Unhide” dialog box that presents, select the worksheet you want to unhide as well as click “ALRIGHT”.

KEEP IN MIND: You can only unhide one worksheet at once.

If you’ve hidden the worksheet tabs to make even more room to see your worksheet data, you can unhide surprise worksheets using a various approach. Ensure the “Home” tab on the bow is active. In the “Cells” group, click “Format”. Select “Hide & Unhide” under “Visibility”, and also pick “Unhide Sheet” from the submenu.

The “Unhide” dialog box displays. Select the worksheet you want to unhide as well as click “ALRIGHT”, as explained over.

To hide a whole workbook, click the “View” tab.

In the “Window” section of the “View” tab, click “Hide”.

The Excel window stays open yet the grid area comes to be empty. To unhide the workbook, click “Unhide” in the “Window” section of the “View” tab.

The “Unhide” dialog box presents listing the filenames for the presently open workbooks. If you have actually concealed various other whole workbooks that are not existing open, they are not detailed in this dialog.

When you hide an entire workbook and save the file, the next time you open up the workbook, it’s still hidden. It will stay concealed up until you unhide it.

When you conceal a whole workbook and conserve the documents, the next time you open the workbook, it’s still concealed. It will certainly stay covert till you unhide it.

KEEP IN MIND: Any worksheets/tabs that were concealed when you hid the entire workbook are still concealed when you unhide the workbook.

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