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How to Insert a Word Document into OneNote Notes

Microsoft OneNote enables you to place a Word paper as an accessory in your Notebook. If you update the Word paper, you can show those adjustments in the Notebook with just a couple of clicks. Below’s just how.

Initially, launch OneNote and open up the Notebook that you would love to put a Word file right into. If you haven’t already produced a Notebook, you can do so by choosing File > > New from the menu bar.

Next, click the “Insert” tab. There are 3 options in the “Files” group, but we’re just mosting likely to be making use of 2 of them. On Windows, those options are called “File Printout” and also “File Attachment.” If you’re making use of a Mac, you’ll see “PDF Printout” and also “File Attachment.”

“File Attachment” inserts a link indicating the initial documents. “File Printout” (or “PDF Printout”) inserts a link as well as additionally adds the content within the documents to your Note.

What the last 2 alternatives do is take a snapshot of the material (precisely as it would show up if you were to publish it out– hence the name “Printout”) and also inserts it as an image. Both “PDF Printout” as well as “File Printout” work similarly. Nonetheless, “PDF Printout” is limited to just PDFs. Given that this subject covers inserting a Word file, we won’t be making use of “PDF Printout.”

In our instance, we’ll make use of “File Printout.” So, in the “Insert” tab, click “File Printout.”

A file open dialog will certainly show up. Browse to the place of the documents and select it, and then click “Insert.”

A web link to the initial data and the printout will appear in the Notebook.

You can’t directly modify the web content of the hard copy within OneNote itself. You’ll require to update it directly in the source file. Once you’ve upgraded the source file, you can update the hard copy in your Notebook to mirror the adjustments by right-clicking the record link and also selecting “Refresh Printout” from the context food selection.

The web content in the printout will certainly freshen and show the existing content of the original file.

That’s all there is to it. While mastering OneNote’s standard attributes might appear intimidating at first, as there are so many, we’ve covered them in this OneNote novices guide to help you out.

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