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How to Insert, Delete, and Manage Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Adding hyperlinks to your Word document is a simple way to give your readers quick access to details online or in another part of a file without needing to consist of that content right on the page. Let’s take a look at how to place, handle, and delete various sort of links in your Word files.

Insert a Hyperlink to an External Web Page

You can link a word or expression in your Word file to an external web page, and they work just like links you ‘d discover online. First, load up the websites to which you wish to connect in your web browser. You’ll wish to copy the URL in simply a bit.

In your Word file, highlight the text you want to link. You can likewise use this same method to include a link to an image.

Right-click the selected text, point to the “Link” choice, and after that click the “Insert Link” command.

In the Insert Hyperlink window, select “Existing File or Web Page” on the left.

Type (or copy and paste) the URL of the websites into the “Address” field.

And after that click “Ok” to save your hyperlink.

And just like that, you’ve turned that text into a link.

Insert a Hyperlink to Another Location in the Same Document

If you’re dealing with a long Word file, you can make things simpler on readers by connecting to other parts of the file when you mention them. For example, you may tell a reader that they’ll “find more info on the topic in Part 2.” Rather of leaving them to discover Part 2 on their own, why not turn it into a link. It’s the same example Word does when you instantly generate a tabulation.

In order to hyperlink to a different place within the same file, you must first establish a bookmark to which you’ll connect.

Position your cursor where you want to insert the bookmark.

Switch to the “Insert” tab on Word’s Ribbon.

On the Insert tab, click the “Bookmark” button.

In the Bookmark window, type the name you desire for your bookmark. The name should begin with a letter, but can consist of letters and numbers (just no areas).

Click “Add” to insert your bookmark.

Now that you’ve got a bookmark set up, you can add a link to it. Select the text you want to develop into a link.

Right click the picked text, point to the “Link” option, and after that click the “Insert Link” command.

In the Insert Hyperlink window, click the “Place In This Document” choice left wing.

On the right, you’ll see a list of bookmarks in the file. Select the one you desire.

And after that click the “OK” button.

Now whenever you click that link, Word will leap to the bookmark.

Insert a Hyperlink to an Email Address

If you’re including contact information in your document, you can also link to an e-mail address.

Select, and after that right-click the text you want to develop into a link.

Indicate the “Link” option, and then click the “Insert Link” button.

Select the “E-mail Address” alternative on the left of the Insert Hyperlink window.

Type the e-mail address you want to link to. Word automatically adds the “mailto:” text at the start of the address. This assists the link open in the reader’s default mail client.

Click “OK” to insert your link.

And now, whenever you click the link, a blank message ought to open in the default e-mail customer, already resolved to the linked recipient.

Insert a Hyperlink That Creates a New Document

You can also insert a link that produces a brand-new, blank Word document when you click it. This can be beneficial when you’re developing a set of documents.

Select the text you ‘d like to become a link, and then ideal click it.

Indicate the “Link” option, and after that choose the “Insert Link” command.

Select “Create New Document” left wing.

Type the name that you want utilized for the brand-new document.

Select whether you want to edit the new document later on or immediately. If you choose the choice to modify the brand-new document now, Word produces and opens the brand-new file will open immediately.

Click “OKAY” when you’re done.

Modification a Hyperlink

Sometimes, you made requirement to alter an existing link in your file. To do so, right-click the link, and then select “Edit Hyperlink” from the context menu.

Change or type a new link into the “Address” box.

And then click the “OKAY” button.

Erase a Hyperlink

Removing a link from your document is also simple. Simply right-click the linked text, and pick “Remove Hyperlink” from the context menu.

And, voila! The hyperlink is gone.

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