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How to Make Outlook Display the Total Number of Messages in a Folder

By default, Outlook shows the number of unread messages on many Mail folders. That’s useful on the “Inbox” folder, however what happens if you need to know the amount of complete messages (unread and read) there are in various other folders, such as the “Deleted Items” folder or custom folders?

Maybe useful to understand when you get many messages in your “Deleted Items” folder that you ought to clear it, or the number of messages are in your customized “Pending Reply” folder waiting for you to act and send replies. You can change which Mail folders reveal unread messages and which reveal total messages. We’ll show you exactly how.

KEEP IN MIND: The “Drafts” and also “Junk E-mail” folders, along with the “For Follow-Up” Search folder (if you’ve allowed it), reveal the complete number of messages by default. We talk about just how to change extra setups for the “Junk E-mail” folder in our short article concerning managing e-mail in Outlook making use of Quick Steps as well as Rules.

Unread messages on a Mail folder display screen as a vibrant, blue number alongside the folder name, as shown below.

We’ll leave the “Inbox” folder displaying the unread message matter, however we’ll change the “Deleted Items” folder to present the overall message count to advise us to clear that folder from time to time. To do this, right-click on the “Deleted Items” folder (or a Mail folder of your choosing) and also choose “Properties” from the popup food selection.

The “Properties” dialog display screens for the selected folder. On the “General” tab, select the “Show total number of items” radio switch and click “OKAY”.

The “Deleted Items” folder now show the overall variety of messages, both read and also unread, in the folder, as opposed to the variety of unread messages.

When you transform the message matter setting for a folder in your “Favorites”, the change relates to the folder in both areas: the “Favorites” and the Mail folder checklist.

KEEP IN MIND: You can not alter the message matter home for multiple Mail folders at the very same time. You should change it one folder at once.

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