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How to Mute a Pointless Email Conversation in Outlook

Ever been duplicated right into a pointless email thread that clutters up your inbox as well as causes signals to find up for a discussion you could not care less around? Below’s how to neglect that thread to ensure that you never ever see it once again.

Begin by picking any message from the thread. On the “Home” food selection, click the “Ignore” button.

You can likewise right-click the message and choose “Ignore” from the context menu, or open up the mail and click Message > > Ignore. Whichever approach you select, Outlook will certainly show you a verification home window.

Click “Ignore Conversation” to move every one of the mails in the conversation to the Deleted Items folder. Any kind of future messages in the discussion will likewise be transferred straight to the Deleted Items folder, without causing new message informs

And if you would certainly instead not straight-out erase all e-mails from the discussion, yet still don’t want to be troubled with them when they are available in, you can do that, too. Just set up a guideline that marks those messages as read and also moves them from your inbox to a few other folder as quickly as they can be found in.

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