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How to Open a Word Document as Read-Only

Opening a Word paper as read-only helps stop unintended modifications you make to the document from being conserved. Read-Only setting does not permit you to make any type of changes to the document, preventing you from accidentally conserving adjustments. We will certainly reveal you exactly how to open up any type of Word document as read-only.

The “Recent” listing displays on the backstage screen when you initially open Word. Click the “Open Other Documents” web link at the bottom of the “Recent” listing.

NOTE: If you already have a brand-new or existing document open and intend to open up another record as read-only, click the “File” tab and afterwards click “Open” on the backstage screen. A fast method to access the “Open” backstage display is to push “Ctrl + O”.

On the “Open” screen, click “Computer” to access files on your computer system, or click “OneDrive” to open up a file from your OneDrive account as read-only.

Below the “Recent Folders” listing, on the right side of the “Open” screen, click the “Browse” switch.

Navigate to the folder including the file you want to open up as read-only. Instead of clicking the almost all of the “Open” switch, click the down arrow on the best side of the “Open” switch. Select “Read-Only” from the drop-down menu.

Your file is opened up as read-only, as received the picture at the start of this short article. Read-Only mode resembles the Read Mode in Word.

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