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How to Print the Gridlines and also Row and also Column Headings in Excel

Gridlines and the row as well as column headings can be helpful when checking out data on worksheets printed in Excel. We’ll show you just how to activate a number of setups to show the gridlines as well as row and also column headings on your published worksheets.

Open the workbook and also select the worksheet for which you want to publish the gridlines. Click the “Page Layout” tab.

KEEP IN MIND: This alternative is specific to each worksheet in your workbook.

In the “Sheet Options” area, pick the “Print” check box under “Gridlines” so there is a check mark in the box.

The “Print Gridlines” alternative applies just to the existing workbook and also is set independently for every worksheet in your workbook. The state of the option (on or off) for every worksheet is saved with the workbook.

You can also alter the shade of the gridlines.

By default, Excel doesn’t publish the row as well as column headings you see on the screen. However, you can pick to do so.

Open up the desired workbook as well as click the tab at the bottom for the worksheet for which you intend to publish row as well as column headings.

Click the “Page Layout” tab, if it’s not currently the active tab.

In the “Sheet Options” section, pick the “Print” check box under “Headings” so there is a check mark in package.

Just like the “Print Gridlines” option, the “Print Headings” alternative just affects the currently active worksheet in the existing workbook. To publish row and column headings for various other worksheets in your workbook, choose each worksheet and also activate this choice.

If gridlines do not show up in the print preview or the resulting printout, you possibly have the “Draft top quality” allowed for your printer. This mode is created to conserve ink, so it leaves out points like the gridlines.

To disable this alternative, click File > > Print > Page Setup in Excel. Click the “Sheet” tab. If “Draft high quality” is inspected right here, uncheck it and click “OK.”

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