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How to Quickly Remove All Images from a Word Document

If you require to swiftly remove all the photos and also graphics from a Microsoft Word record, it’s very easy to utilize an integrated option to erase them all at once. Here’s just how to do it.

Exactly How This Image Removal Technique Works

Microsoft Word includes an attribute called “Find and also Replace” to find products in your files and change them with something of your selection. Utilizing this feature, you can locate all the photos in your record and replace them with nothing. This gets rid of the images and leaves an empty room where they were located.

As a small disadvantage, this technique will also get rid of all charts and graphs from your file. If that’s great, after that continue reading.

Just how to Delete All Images from a Word Document

To begin getting rid of photos, open your file with Microsoft Word. In the menu at the top of the home window, click “Home.” After that click “Replace” in the “Editing” section of the toolbar.

In the “Find and Replace” window that opens up, click the “Find what” box. In the box, type:

(Alternately, you can click the “More” switch, and then pick “Special” and also “Graphic” from the food selection. Word will certainly place a “^ g” for you.)

In this instance, “^ g” is a special code that implies “graphic.” This “graphic” tag includes all images, graphes, or graphs in your document. Yet don’t stress, you can undo this action later on if you remove something accidentally.

Next, click “Replace All” at the end of the window.

All photos in your file will certainly be removed. If you intend to bring them back, press Ctrl+Z on Windows or Command+Z on Mac to reverse the removal process. Or, you can place images once more if required. Very handy!

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