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How to Repeat Specific Rows or Columns on Every Printed Page in Excel

If your worksheet uses up greater than one web page when published, you can print row and also column headings (also called print titles) on every web page so your information is appropriately identified, making it simpler to check out and follow your printed information.

Open up the worksheet you intend to publish and click the “Page Layout” tab.

In the “Page Setup” area, click “Print Titles”.

NOTE: The “Print Titles” switch is grayed out if you are currently editing and enhancing a cell, if you’ve picked a chart on the same worksheet, or if you do not have a printer set up.

On the “Page Setup” dialog box, see to it the “Sheet” tab is active. Go into the variety for the rows you want to duplicate on every page in the “Rows to duplicate at leading” edit box. For example, we desire the very first row of our spread sheet to duplicate on all pages, so we went into “$1:$1”. If you want more than one row to repeat, as an example rows 1-3, you would certainly enter “$1:$3”. If you wish to have the first column, as an instance, repeat on every printed page, get in “$A:$A”.

You can also pick the rows you intend to duplicate using the mouse. To do so, click the “Collapse Dialog” switch on the best side of the “Rows to duplicate at top” edit box.

The “Page Setup” dialog box shrinks to only reveal the “Rows to duplicate at leading” edit box.

To select the rows you wish to repeat, move the cursor over the row numbers up until it develops into a right arrowhead then either click on the one row you want or click and also drag over several rows. The row array is placed right into the “Rows to repeat at top” edit box immediately. To expand the “Page Setup” dialog box, click the “Collapse Dialog” switch again.

Once you’ve defined the rows and also columns you wish to duplicate, click “OK”.

KEEP IN MIND: If you have more than one worksheet picked in your workbook, the “Rows to duplicate at top” and “Columns to duplicate at left” boxes are grayed out and also not readily available in the “Page Setup” dialog box. You need to just have actually one worksheet picked. To unselect numerous worksheets, click any other worksheet that is not selected. If all worksheets are chosen, right-click on any of the selected sheets and also choose “Ungroup Sheets” on the popup food selection.

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