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How to Use Cell Values for Excel Chart Labels

Make your chart labels in Microsoft Excel vibrant by linking them to cell values. When the data changes, the chart labels automatically update. In this short article, we explore how to make both your chart title and the chart information labels vibrant.

We have the sample data listed below with product sales and the distinction in last month’s sales.

We want to chart the sales worths and use the change values for information labels.

Usage Cell Values for Chart Data Labels

Select variety A1: B6 and click Insert > > Insert Column or Bar Chart > > Clustered Column.

The column chart will appear. We wish to include information labels to reveal the modification in value for each item compared to last month.

Select the chart, select the “Chart Elements” alternative, click the “Data Labels” arrow, and then “More Options.”

Uncheck the “Value” box and examine the “Value From Cells” box.

Select cells C2: C6 to use for the information label range and after that click the “OK” button.

The values from these cells are now used for the chart data labels. If these cell values alter, then the chart labels will instantly upgrade.

Connect a Chart Title to a Cell Value

In addition to the data labels, we wish to connect the chart title to a cell value to get something more innovative and vibrant. We will begin by developing a beneficial chart title in a cell. We want to reveal the total sales in the chart title.

In cell E2, go into the following formula:

This formula develops a beneficial title that combines the text “Monthly Sales Total–” to the amount of values B2: B6.

The TEXT function is utilized to format the number with a thousand separator.

We now need to link the chart title to cell E2 to utilize this text we’ve produced.

Click the chart title, go into = into the Formula Bar, and after that click cell E2. From there, press the Enter secret.

The worth from cell E2 is utilized for the chart title.

If the worths in the data range were to alter, our data labels and chart title would upgrade to show that on the chart.

Using imaginative and vibrant labels for your charts, by basing them on cell values, will take your charts beyond the basic charts others create in Excel.

When the information changes, the chart labels automatically upgrade. The worths from these cells are now used for the chart information labels. In addition to the information labels, we want to connect the chart title to a cell worth to get something more imaginative and dynamic. Click the chart title, get in = into the Formula Bar, and then click cell E2.

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