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How to Use Footnotes in Microsoft Word 2010

A footnote is a note that shows up at the end of a page that is commonly used by authors to mention various other writers magazine in their record. We will show you exactly how to take care of footnotes in Microsoft Word.

Inserting a Footnote

To start placing an afterthought location your computer mouse cursor at the file where you wish to place the footnote as well as click the ‘Insert Footnote’ switch under the ‘Reference’ tab.

Word immediately assigns a number and a line separator at the bottom of the web page when we put an afterthought.

Each afterthought will be noted as a superscript number close to each reference point in the paper.

Rest your cursor for a couple of secs beside each footnote recommendation mark to see the explanation or click the ‘Next Footnote’ switch in the reference tab to browse from one footnote to another.

Customized Footnote Format

We can put customized footnote style by clicking on the little arrowhead symbol in the recommendation tab.

Our explanations can have different number layout as well as unique characters.

We can even convert our explanations to endnotes by clicking the ‘Endnotes’ radio switch under the ‘Location’ section.

Reusing Footnote

Microsoft Word preserves a listing of footnotes in a document as a ‘cross-reference’ listing.

We can reuse each explanation in other component of the paper.

To make sure that’s how to develop explanation in Microsoft Word. Obviously explanation is only one of the referencing styles that Word assistances. We can additionally create a bibliography with all sort of referencing style.

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