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How to View and Restore Previous Versions of Excel Workbooks

If you’ve ever before made a number of minor errors and conserved an Excel workbook, you’ll recognize that it often takes a long period of time to undo that mistake. We’ll reveal you exactly how to watch and also bring back previous versions of Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Before we get going, you must know that a Microsoft 365 subscription is needed to gain access to version background on Excel. If you have this registration, you obtain the whole Office collection together with OneDrive cloud storage space.

You’ll need to set up OneDrive on your computer system by opening the app and logging in. As soon as this is done, just conserve any type of Excel record in OneDrive, and also from that minute on, you’ll be able to access its whole version background. Any kind of edits that you make from right here on out will be logged, and also Excel makes it actually simple to go back to any type of previously saved variation of the workbook.

Initially, open Microsoft Excel and most likely to any one of your workbooks. Double-check that the AutoSave toggle on top gets on, and also if it isn’t, just save the document in OneDrive to allow it.

Make as many edits to this document as you wish to. As soon as you’re done, click the data name in the top bar.

Select “Version History.”

Conversely, you can click the “File” switch on top.

Select “Info” in the left pane.

Click “Version History.”

Both approaches will provide the same outcome– Excel will certainly open up a Version History pane that will certainly show up on the right. Here, you’ll see multiple conserved versions of your workbook, together with the date as well as a time stamp.

As soon as you’ve chosen which variation of your workbook you want to open, click “Open Version.”

This will open up a read-only workbook, and also you can experience it to inspect whether it’s the proper variation. If it is, click “Restore.”

This will bring back the old version of the Microsoft Excel workbook. You can additionally have a look at exactly how to protect workbooks from being edited in Microsoft Excel.

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