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How to View Multiple Pages simultaneously in Word

When laying out your record in Word, it’s often practical to check out several web pages on the display at one time, specifically if you have a big screen. Seeing multiple pages at once permits you to get a sense of exactly how your total layout looks.

NOTE: We made use of Word 2013 to highlight this attribute.

You must be in “Print Layout” sight to watch numerous web pages at once. If you are not in “Print Layout” sight, or if you’re unsure which design is presently active, click the “View” tab.

In the “Views” section of the “View” tab, click “Print Layout.”

To view several web pages at one time, maintain the “View” tab active. Put your cursor in the text of the initial page you intend to watch in the multiple-page sight. In the “Zoom” section, click “Multiple Pages.”

By default, two pages are revealed side-by-side. The web pages are reduced so the full web pages can be watched. This is why seeing several web pages at once benefits evaluating your format, however not always for reviewing your record.

To go back to checking out one page each time, click “One Page” in the “Zoom” section of the “View” tab.

The web page in which you had placed the arrow display screens, however smaller than 100 percent. To zoom back to regular size, click “100%” in the “Zoom” area.

You can view greater than 2 pages at once. To do so, click the “Zoom” switch in the “Zoom” area of the “View” tab.

The “Zoom” dialog box screens. You can zoom to various percents (consisting of a custom-made percent), widths, or the entire page. To check out multiple pages, pick the “Many pages” radio switch. Then, click the screen button below the radio switch and select the variety of pages you want to view at once from the drop-down menu.

The “Preview” shows how the web pages will certainly be shown. Click “OK” to approve the change as well as shut the “Zoom” dialog box.

The view modifications to reveal the variety of web pages simultaneously that you specified.

Remember to return to checking out one web page at once, click the “One Page” switch. To go back to watching your message at 100 percent, click the “100%” button.

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