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How to View Spreadsheets Side-by-Side in Separate Windows in Excel 2013

Previous variations of Excel have had an alternative for seeing two spread sheets side-by-side. Nonetheless, Excel 2013 currently makes it simpler by enabling you to break each spreadsheet (opened up in separate home windows) to each side of the screen.

Merely drag among the windows sideways of the display until you see a circle briefly spread out from the arrow. The Excel home window will snap to that side of the display, using up half the screen. Once you snap both windows to either side of the display, your two spread sheets will certainly be presented as shown in the photo above.

You can additionally use the View Side by Side option, which is still offered on the View tab in the Window section.

By default, the View Side by Side option shows the two spread sheet windows flat.

To transform the sight, click Arrange All in the Window area of the View tab.

The Arrange Windows dialog box displays. Select Vertical to see the home windows side-by-side, as you did when you snapped them sideways of the display.

Tiled does the very same point as Vertical when there are 2 spreadsheet home windows open. If you have more than two spread sheets open, Tiled will arrange them as tiles on the display some horizontally, some up and down, depending on how many are open.

Waterfall displays the spreadsheet home windows with the title bars cascaded down the screen.

If you wish to scroll via both (or all) spread sheets at the very same time, you can switch on the Synchronous Scrolling option in the Window section of the View tab. This will enable you to scroll via both home windows making use of the scroll bar on among them.

Each spread sheet opening in its own window, like in Word and PowerPoint, is called Single Document Interface (SDI). That means that each spread sheet has its own Ribbon as well as title bar so you can move the window around as well as resize it individually from your other open spreadsheets. Previous launches of Excel made use of the Multiple Document Interface (MDI), in which all spreadsheet windows opened up under a high-level, “master” container window.

The SDI now utilized in Excel 2013 makes it much easier to compare numerous spreadsheets side by side.

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