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Improve Your Word 2007 Documents with Paragraph Borders and also Shading

Here is a quick idea to add some additional panache to paragraphs in your Word 2007 papers to help them stick out.

Highlight the paragraph you wish to accentuate, click the Home tab on the Ribbon as well as select the Borders drop-down device. From this food selection pick Borders as well as Shading.

In the Borders and also Shading dialog box on the left hand side click Box. Scroll via the Style checklist to select a your favored style. You can choose a custom color and also width additionally. There is a good little sneak peek window on the appropriate side to offer you a suggestion of how your boundary will certainly look. From below you can click each boundary side you do not desire if you do not desire the complete box result. As soon as you have the style you desire click OK.

Here is a shot of just how adding just a partial border sets off the paragraphs in the record.

We can also add some shielding for extra pizzazz. From the Borders and also Shading Window we were formerly in you can click the Shading tab. Include some Color from the Fill list drop-down.

Currently choose the strength of the shade. After That Click OK.

Below is the final result of a custom-made boarder as well as shading. Options are fairly plentiful! This should aid enliven the “same old” files at your next conference.

Editor’s note: Don’t forget the cover sheet on your TPS record. Did you obtain that memorandum?

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