Journal Entry #3 (April 4, 2021)

Just last week on Monday, my group finished and submitted our final draft of the Memo project. Personally, I feel that we did a really good job in making our point and backing up our claims with sufficient evidence from valid resources. Working with my team members was an experience as well. It was the first time I had to work with a group virtually, so although awkward at first, we all got along well and did our best on the memo. Initially nervous when starting out this project, now I am feeling calm and had fun with how things turned out. My team members were very understanding when someone had to reschedule a different time and day in order to work together on the project. We all gave each other feedback and help when someone was struggling with a sentence or coming up with a good transition sentence. Overall, this group project was really interesting as an experience and opened my eyes to how group work is done virtually. 

So far in the semester, work for this class has helped me become more comfortable with my writing. I find myself being able to convey my thoughts more freely and find suitable enough evidence that will back up my claims. The upcoming project for the semester is the Lab Report and although I am excited for it, I hope that the topic that I choose to write about is something that I am able to find research and information on. Overall, I look forward to what feedback Professor Otte gives us in regards to the Memo project and to the beginnings of the Lab Report.

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