Journal Entry #6 (April 19, 2021)

With the Lab report draft completed for now, I can definitely say that I am not confident with it at all. Reading through my first draft, I found it to be lacking so many things. One thing that is very noticeable to me, is the lack information on the “Results” section. I wish to expand on it more and show various types of data, but I wasn’t too sure if the data was going to be perfect to add in regards to the topic. Another thing that is somewhat bothering me, is that I feel that I strayed off from what my topic was initially supposed to be. I’m not really sure, but I just feel that I could have focused more on certain aspects and added more research that centralized on human behavior and interactions and the way video platforms have affected them. With the info that I currently have, it seems to me that I only have research on how COVID-19 has affected humans, not how video platforms played a significant role on society.

Furthermore, I found it rather difficult writing the draft up in general and was finding myself being too aware of the 3-page limit that was given. I know that the 3 page limit is there for a reason and to help us become more concise/straight to the point with our writing. But for me, it was hard to condense the information and research I had, along with analyzing it and connecting it to my topic. I have gotten used to having a free range with writing out long lengths of analysis when it comes to explaining data and evidence, so for this lab report it was certainly something that I had to learn to get used to.

Hopefully, through peer review this week I will be able to straighten out my draft and create a good final paper.

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